Cleaning and degreesing

Various types of surface degreasers and cleaners, such as silicone degreasers, spray-gun and tool cleaners, brake cleaners and other additional products for cleaning

Polyester putties

Different types of bodyfillers are suitable for both car repair and woodworking. The Stonder putty group includes the most popular types of putty, such as, universal, soft, fiberglass, plastic, light and other types of putty of your choice

Fillers and hardeners

Stonder acrylic primers are suitable for various types of surfaces. These primers have good filling, sanding and anti-corrosion properties. They grind well and, due to the large amount of dry residue, are resistant to settling (volume changes during the drying process), as well as characterized by a fast drying time. This product group also includes special primers required for plastic repairs

Paints and thinners

Stonder 2K acrylic and base paint system is suitable for the most popular car models according to ready-made color codes. Special “Bumper” paints will allow easy and convenient plastic repairs with 1K technology

Clearcoats and hardeners

Stonder clearcoats system is designed for high-class clears, designed for both quick car repairs and full car painting with an excellent gloss level. The Stonder range also includes matt clear and spray clear for quick minor repairs

Spray Can

Stonder aerosol range includes products from the best European manufacturers, which are needed in the car maintenance segment. The wide range of sprays includes groups such as paints, primers, varnishes, anti-corrosion agents, technical sprays and many other groups related to car care


A wide range of abrasive system, sanding papers, film-based abrasives and mesh abrasives for all your surface finishing needs. Stonder latest innovations provide precise industrial solutions of abrasive products. The wide range of abrasive products is suitable for both individual operations and complete grinding systems

Masking tape, foil and paper

Different sizes and thickness of papers and masking foils allow to choose the required products for a specific job. The wide range of adhesive tapes includes various types, such as paper, duct – tapes, double-sided, flexible and other adhesive tapes

Polishing Compounds and Pads

Stonder polishing pastes and accessories are specially selected for the highest quality results. These products are easy to use for both beginners and professional polishers

Bonding, sealing and plastic repair

Different types of car body protective coatings are provided to protect the car body against corrosion. This group includes products such as protection for thresholds, bitumen mastic, polyurethane sealants for joints, cavity vax and various technical products for car care

Bodyshop equipment

Here you will find all the necessary equipment and accessories to perform high-quality car painting work

Bodyshop Accesories

Various service accessories that help to perform fast and high-quality car body repairs

Personal Protection Equipement

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection

Spraybooth filters and antidust

Different types and sizes of sprayboothes filters, as well as specific liquids for spraybooth wall protection and dust prevention

Deco Color Spray Cans

Universal synthetic solvent-based lacquer for painting surfaces made of metal, wood, ceramics, glass, wicker, cardboard, fabrics, fresh and artificial flowers, and some plastics. Wide range of application hobby and professional works: at home, garden, automotive and industry. Especially practical for works of art and decoration.

Brunox Rust converters and Lubricants

BRUNOX AG, Switzerland manufacture lubricants with exceptional performance for bikes, guns, industrial and food-stuff plant equipment maintenance. Our products reduce maintenance cost and power consumption whilst promoting component reliability and factory output. BRUNOX lubricants reduce friction and wear much better than conventional lubricants, in particular, in adverse conditions of extreme loads, high and low temperatures, strong contamination and in high water wash areas.

PMT Pneumatic Applicators

P.M.T. srl produces and distributes high quality applicators and guns. The big range includes guns for polyurethane foam, applicators for the extrusion of silicone, sealants and chemical anchors, one component and two components materials, for low and high viscosity products.

Fertan Rust Convertor

FERTAN products are proven for optimum rust and corrosion removal from steel, for metal derusting e.g. of tank inner surfaces, for derusting small metal parts, for cleaning engines and car bodies, special cleaners and products for car care, motorcycle care and bicycle.

Rupes Tools and Polishing

RUPES (full Realizzazione Utensili Pneumatici Elettrici Speciali S.P.A.) is an Italian company that has since its inception in 1947, specializes in the manufacture and supply of professional electric and pneumatic tools including abrasive systems, cleaning systems and dust extraction systems for car repairers and profession painter.

Auarita Spray guns and tools

AUARITA is the China

Scangrip lights

SCANGRIP (Denmark) is the Europe’s leading manufacturer of innovative LED work lights for professionals.
With the aim of setting new standards for professional work lights, SCANGRIP provides the strongest range of LED work lights that are extremely powerful, functional, user-friendly and designed to fit the rough and demanding working environments.


In 2000, Paul Holder, President & Founder of Q-Bond, launched the Q-Bond line of adhesive products with the sole purpose to create a Quick-Bonding adhesive that’s versatile. Currently Q-Bond is used in the Automotive industry, Refinishing and Hardware.
Q-Bond is an easy-to-use and extremely durable adhesive system with a very wide range of applications.

HyMax Paints and Varnishes

HyMax Automotive Refinishing, a division of General Paint Company, one of the fastest growing producers of car paints and ancillaries for the refinish industry.
Our success during this past decade is largely dependent on the top quality, ease of application and time-savings gained through the use of our products.

INDASA Abrasives