„Stonder” the proof of quality

Company „RAGS” with more than 25 years of experience is involved in import, export and delivery of paint systems and all necessary car body repair materials to both - the end users and partners in Europe.

During these many years, the company has grown and developed into one of the leading suppliers of car repair materials in Latvia, Baltic States and also in Europe, cooperating with many well-known automotive industry factories in Europe and in the world.

Aware of what it will mean for our small Latvia integration into the European Union, and understanding that there will be a huge and growing demand for private product line materials, in 2003 „RAGS” Ltd started to offer its customers a range of products called „STONDER”, developed by our company and an internationally registered and certified trademark.

„STONDER” product range includes the best and most popular car repair materials, which have been laboratory tested and have been founded by our technicians to be fully suitable for use in the climatic conditions of our region, as well are valued by customers as a professional and competitive products compared with known worldwide brands